For over 90 years (longer than most of Tokyo's big hotels have been in business), Japanese executives have treated Tokyo Kaikan as their private enclave, a refined hideaway in the middle of the capital's most prestigious business district. Gradually, foreign executives have begun to discover the "secret" and more and more international firms are using our banquet facilities and restaurants to entertain their important guests. Indeed, the Union Club (one of the most attractive private facilities in Tokyo) has always been open to foreign members, yet only recently have executives at foreign-based companies learned about it and begun to take advantage of its prestige, amenities and location.

Like a fine international hotel, Tokyo Kaikan boasts superb restaurants, meeting facilities, and banquet rooms but without the clutter and noise you usually find in a busy hotel. Overlooking the gardens of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Kaikan is ideally situated for any business or social gathering.

Our restaurants are reknowned for the quality of both their cuisine and service, and all are equipped with private rooms for entertaining that special VIP from abroad. Upstairs, all of our banquet rooms provide elegant venues for corporate receptions with an unmatched view of the Imperial Palace grounds. And the Union Club, is a truly unique facility in Tokyo, an oasis of refinement and privacy for the city's hurried executives.

We are pleased that the foreign business community has begun to enjoy Tokyo Kaikan and to appreciate it as local companies have for decades. We believe the facility has become popular with foreign firms not just because our facilities are elegant, our cuisine superb and our location one of the best in Japan, but also because of our high level of service in every aspect of our business.

Customers, both Japanese and foreign, expect Tokyo Kaikan to deliver the best--the best rooms, the best service, the best ambience--and we strive every day to live up to their expectations.